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Today’s Darts Fixtures

What are today’s darts fixtures?

You’ll find everything you need right here at BoyleSports to follow and bet on the darts fixtures that matter, from Premier League darts and the PDC World championship to the BoyleSports World Grand Prix.


If there’s darts playing tonight in the UK, Ireland or beyond, you’ll see those darts fixtures listed here in our simple-to-use darts today page. We’ll show you details on all the darts fixtures scheduled for today, including the times of the matches and the players that are competing.  

As well as the day’s darts fixtures, we’ll update this page automatically to bring you the latest results in those matches. You can follow and bet on the evening’s darts in real time, taking advantage of upsets and swings in form as they happen. You can also see details on upcoming darts fixtures, to make sure you know which events are coming up and when. 


Alongside our darts fixtures for tonight and live results, you’ll find the huge array of darts betting markets and the great-value darts odds you’d expect from BoyleSports. You can bet on match winners, the correct score, outright results, nine-darts finishes and more. 

With live darts fixtures, our comprehensive darts betting markets, updated darts odds and our promotions and offers, you’ve got everything you need to bet on darts with BoyleSports. 


How do darts fixtures work?

The details of darts competitions vary. But whether you’re watching Premier League Darts, the PDC World championship, or the Grand Slam of Darts, each individual darts match follows a similar format. 

In singles darts, two players face off against each other in rounds called legs. Each player starts on a score of 501, and they take it in turn to throw three darts, with the score of each dart removed from their 501 totals. The first player to check out at zero by finishing on a double or a bullseye wins the leg. 

With most darts competitions, legs are organised into sets, usually five legs per set. Players compete to the best of each set, so the first player to win three legs wins the set. Matches can be played to the best of five sets, the best of seven, nine, eleven or more. 


As you’d expect from BoyleSports, we offer you a comprehensive set of darts betting markets and competitive odds for all of the day’s darts fixtures. You can bet on the player to win the match, the set, or a leg. You can bet on the correct score, the highest checkout, total match 180s and much more. All our darts odds will update live alongside the play too. 


Now you have everything you need to follow and bet on live darts tonight at your fingertips. 

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